The crypto industry has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings as an experimental alternative payment method into a parallel global financial system that has created an entirely new set of finance challenges.

The emergence of the Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”) industry has revolutionized the way people trade, invest and transfer value. While the rapid rise and acceptance of the industry has created significant opportunities, these opportunities come with significant resourcing and management challenges, especially when it comes to crypto accounting.

The DeFi industry has evolved much faster than accounting, tax and compliance standards and the skills needed to manage mismatches are scarce.

Local and international tax rules, crypto accounting standards and general best practices have lagged far behind the DeFi industry’s development which creates a challenging balancing act for executives. DeFi organizations are expected to remain compliant to traditional rules and regulations that are not always fit for purpose when applied to crypto accounting and assets. Bridging the realities of a DeFi organization’s operation with the standards and regulations they need to adhere to is a complex task. DeFi organization needs highly specialized technical skills to make the right decisions and judgement calls to remain compliant. This make the management of a DeFi organization’s accounting, tax, compliance and structuring a highly specialized field made even more challenging by the global shortage of experienced professionals.

We support our clients with their initial structuring and the efficient ongoing management of their global finance and compliance functions.

We work with highly experienced external tax and legal experts to develop efficient and legitimate structures that are both compliant from a regulatory standpoint and allow for efficient, practical and scalable operation. Our in-house crypto accounting specialists and financial managers then leverages our partnerships with leading technology providers to build, integrate and then manage financial and compliance systems on behalf of our clients. We provide our clients the highest quality structuring, finance and accounting services available to the DeFi industry while investing heavily in our partners, people and technology to ensure that as crypto accounting standards, regulations and best practices change, the quality and reliability of the service we provide doesn’t.

Our Financial Frontiers services provide our clients with
support focusing on:


Crypto accounting
Individual transaction processing
Crypto asset revaluations
Custom reporting


Transaction analytics
Financial system design & integration
Systems and procedures development
Valuation policy development


Corporate structuring
Transition planning
Multi-jurisdictional incorporations
International tax structuring


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