Investment vehicles, holding companies and smaller subsidiaries of listed companies often lack the scale to cost effectively deliver the quality of finance management their stakeholders need.

Just because a business is small in terms of head count and monthly transaction volumes, that doesn’t always make it a small business from a finance management perspective. Investment vehicles, holding companies and smaller listed subsidiaries create a unique set of challenges for stakeholders and management. On one hand, trading activity is too small to justify maintaining a full finance department. On the other hand, the complex reporting requirements, ERP systems, consolidation support, budgeting and KPI monitoring needs of these businesses are nearly impossible to manage without the right skills and resources. This mismatch between requirements and scale results in management attempting to make do with an under resourced internal team or permanently employing expensive and underutilized professionals.

We bridge the gap between under resourced internal teams and the high quality, international standard finance department our clients need to operate effectively.

We support our clients by providing a managed finance function built specifically for their businesses needs and requirements. We start by working with our client to understand every aspect of their finance operations, compliance, standards, procedures, financial systems and reporting requirements. Drawing on our deep experience managing multinational finance operations using everything from SAP, Dynamics and Oracle to Xero and QuickBooks, we position our people to work within our clients’ systems in conjunction with their teams rather than running inefficiently in parallel. To manage local statutory compliance requirements, we develop and deploy routines that fold under our clients existing standards and procedures to minimize duplication and conflicts between internal and statutory reporting.

Our Finance Management services provide our clients with
support focusing on:


Tax and corporate compliance
Transaction processing
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Audit liaison and preparation


Quarterly and annual reviews
Cash flow management
Analytics and red flagging
Internal Reporting
Management Advice


Performance reviews
KPI tracking
Systems implimations
Onsite procedures management


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