Attempting to pull a business back from the brink of failure is difficult enough. Without the appropriate planning, advice, and capacity it can turn into an ineffective and costly nightmare.

We provide the impartial advice, support capacity, and multi-disciplinary perspective our clients need to understand key issues, weigh up all available recovery options and implement realistic, cost-effective recovery plans that deliver tangible outcomes.

Businesses run into difficulty for many reasons and there is no one-size-fits-all approach getting things back on track.

The indicators of business distress are simple to identify and understand but the causes behind them are often far more complicated. Distress is seldom the result of a single issue or event and is often caused by a combination of issues. We believe that business recovery isn’t about waiting around until failure is imminent and the blindly rushing to file for bankruptcy protection, it’s about getting the right support as early as possible and taking decisive action.

Embarking on a court supervised process to secure bankruptcy protection isn’t a silver bullet that magically fixes a business’s challenges.

Bankruptcy protection, rehabilitation and reorganization processes are designed for large businesses that often face few significant sustainability challenges other than bloated operations and unmanageable levels of debt. As the majority of distressed businesses don’t fall into this category, court supervised reorganization process should be viewed as an extremely expensive and time-consuming last resort. Court supervised rehabilitation processes span many years and cost a fortune. Although they can be a useful backstop that works for certain situations, it is not the cure all solution it’s often marketed to be.

We provide our clients the support they require to quickly get clarity on issues and develop properly considered solutions to corporate distress.

We specialize in providing business recovery support to shareholders, boards, and executive teams by directly managing aspects of distress that relate to accounting, forensics, corporate finance and turnaround strategy development. We start with a deep review of every aspect of a client’s business and its functions, from financial and operating position through to organizational efficiency, market, clients, and creditors. We fully unpack both the root causes of distress and the likely risks, implications and outcomes as they relate to shareholders, directors, creditors and other stakeholders. We devise and implement interim stabilization plans that seek to counter immediate critical risks, temporarily restore liquidity, and effectively engage affected stakeholders to diffuse tension. We then continue to work with our client to properly weigh up the available recovery options while providing the support required to develop and implement realistic plans that deliver structure and predictability to recovery efforts.

The skills and resources required to resolve distress are driven by what outcomes need to be realized and no single firm can provide everything that’s required, including ours.

As a firm we have the core accounting, commercial advisory, strategy, forensics and corporate finance skills to support our clients in finding sustainable solutions to even the most complex challenges. We don’t profess to be experts in every possible professional field in which our clients may need support. We fill these gaps by maintaining tested relationships with a wide array of specialist service providers including leading legal firms, planners/administrators, PR managers, government relations, debt recovery and other professionals. This allows us to access the right peripheral expertise each of our individual clients require. To take further pressure off management, we manage these resources on behalf of our clients’ ensuring costs are controlled, schedules are managed, and results are delivered with no over resourcing and duplication.

Our clients rely on our team’s decades of combined experience our team has accumulated resolving complex corporate distress in very challenging environments.

From corporate distress caused by unforseen events through to those caused by complex frauds and embezzlement, our team has decades of combined experience managing difficult and complex business recovery matters. We harness this experience to deliver realistic, cost effective and pragmatic solutions that protect our client’s interests and help them move toward the best possible outcomes.

Our Business Recovery services provide the support our
clients need to regain stability including:


Distressed M&A
Capital and debt raising
Asset Disposals
Transaction services


Finance management
Stakeholder management
Interim management
Project management
Emergency right-sizing
Critical path management


Independent position reviews
Debt restructuring
Creditor negotiations
Resource optimization
Cashflow management
Consensus building


Independent position reviews
Objectives and outcomes mapping
Critical path development
Turnaround strategy
Repositioning strategy


Legal advice & representation
Planner/plan administrator
Public Relations
Security Services
Government relations


Do you want to avoid distress before it ever starts?

Our Integrated Management Services combine our advisory, financial management, strategy and corporate finance services into a customized resource extensions to our clients business.

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