Taylor H&S provides a range of professional services that support organizations in building, realizing, and protecting the value of their businesses.

Taylor H&S is an independent professional services firm headquartered in Bangkok. Our firm was originally founded in 2011 and became the advisory and corporate finance member firm of a leading global network in Thailand. After becoming independent in 2020, we continue to support our clients in Thailand and beyond with a range of accounting and advisory services that build, realize, and protect the value of their businesses.

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It takes much more than outsourced accounting and by-the-hour advice to support a business in reaching its full potential.

Over the past decade we built a specialist advisory and corporate finance firm that served some of the world’s largest companies. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of how business value is built. We harness this experience along with our accounting, finance, strategy, capital and business recovery expertise to provide unique services that support our clients in reaching their full potential.

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We provide more effective alternatives to generic outsourced accounting and
ad-hoc advisory.

We aren’t a generic firm and nor are our accounting and advisory services. We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that deliver measurable results and exceptional outcomes.

Finance Management

Specialist finance management, compliance and reporting solutions for listed subsidiaries, holding companies and investment vehicles.

Financial Frontiers

Financial management, structuring and tax solutions for international DeFi organizations.

Integrated Management Services

Customized, comprehensive and fixed cost support solutions for growth companies.

Business Recovery

Impartial, multidisciplinary support and advice for managing and resolving corporate distress.


Join us in supporting our
clients’ goals and objectives

We only grow as fast as we can find exceptional professionals to join us in supporting clients’ goals and objectives. We offer our people the opportunity to grow by gaining exposure to diverse clients across a wide range of service disciplines in a flexible, supportive and collaborative team environment.

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